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Welcome to M. Shon Designs.

M. Shon Designs is a very graphics centric design company, providing Graphic Design, Web Design and Dynamic Web Development, specializing in a very graphic oriented look and feel. Shon calls himself the walking oxymoron, or "Logical Artist." Normally, logic and design don't mix. You get one or the other... and, rarely co-existing in the same person.

Shon feel's this is his niche, as most web developers aren't true designers. Most are programmers trying to design. Whereas he is a designer, first and foremost, with programming coming next.

Back in the late 1980's, when desktop publishing really started to boom, the common person thought they could design and produce quality pieces, just because they had the tools so readily available. It wasn't long before people realized there is true talent in designing. And, that only a true designer could produce quality pieces for print and media.

Now, there are many programmers that feel they've been provided the same types of tools as the Desktop Publishing era provided. But, clients are finding that without a true designer behind the scenes producing their sites, their sites are looking very simplistic, basic and cold.

Shon also believes that your web site should match your other advertising materials, such as your letterhead, business cards and other promotional items. This builds instant brand recognition when people see your promotional materials, and then visit your web site.


Design. Emotion. Feeling.

Building a better visual identity for Clients by adding back in ingredients that have been missing for far too long.


I look forward to serving your needs very soon...

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